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Opposites Stick - Part 1
Part 1 - One Bed
Identical twin sisters Kailey and Bailey acted anything but identically. Kailey was tough and crude. She always had more aggressive tendencies. She would curse and was never afraid to make a situation become violent. She was quite strong too, so normally she could handle herself. Never a girly kind of girl, the punk loved 90's grunge music and simple dark clothing. Her looks were the only identical thing to her sister Bailey's.  
Bailey was a good student. She listened to pop music and often read a new book every week. She loved science fiction and fantasy, often thinking outside the box. Somewhat of a prude, Bailey didn't like to be naked or to show any unwanted intimacy.
Apart from their differences, the twins did share some qualities. They generally kept their looks quite similar. Wavy brown hair that went just past their shoulders and not often too much makeup, although Kailey did experiment with eye liner from time to time. Both girls were lesbians, al
:iconthemagiciansbox:TheMagiciansBox 26 5
jimmy neutron and cindy. Conjoined acidental :iconguichaves:guichaves 14 10 Dipper and mabel conjoinment super glue :iconguichaves:guichaves 12 6
VictorBelle, Part 1
Belle the Steenee and Victor the Kirlia were close friends, always chatting and walking with each other. One might say this relationship is so close, it could be a romantic one.
Belle has an appearance similar to that of a normal Steenee, though she has a noticeably shorter calyx, which barely reaches her neck.
Victor is similar: his “hair" just reaches his eyes, noticeably shorter than other Kirlia.
One evening, they strolled down a seemingly pleasant and tranquil forest.
“So, Vic, you enjoying this stroll through the forest?” Belle asked her friend.
“Yeah, it’s nice… And you?” Victor replied, a little tired of walking.
“Absolutely delightful!” Belle replied, cheery as can be.
Then, suddenly, something was hiding in the bushes, which shook as if to warn the two friends.
“I hear a rustling sound!” Belle warned. Then, a Toxicroak appeared in front of them.
“Behind us!” Victor yelled as he tried to attack the c
:iconangemagination:AngEmagination 13 5
VictorBelle- Part 3
VictorBelle woke up. Someone was knocking on the door, but they didn’t realize at first. They exchanged good mornings and suddenly reacted to the knocking. They reluctantly went to the door and opened it.
“Good morning. I would like to introduce to you our first ever single-minded fusion!” Dr. Immet told them. The pair were interested.
They were introduced to a Gothorita, though unlike the others of her species, she had skin akin to that of crystal: solid and lustrous.
“Call me SF11,” the Gothorita informed VictorBelle in a serious tone.
“She’s quite a calm young woman. Why not spend time with her?” Dr. Immet suggested. The couple nodded.
“So...where’d you get your body?” Belle sked.
“Excuse me?” SF11 replied in disgust, as if Belle was flirting with her.
“How’d you get like that?” Victor clarified.
“Extracting the skin, blood, and organs of a certain Pokémon, then infusing them w
:iconangemagination:AngEmagination 9 1




Courtney and duncan Conjoined
Before anybody says anything, this is mine and I did not steal it lol
But anyways this is not my best work, it was kinda hard cause of the shapes of their bodies and all lol.
Conjoined friends
Added story.

This may be the last time I'll be posting on of these on here for a while. I'll be posting alot more cartoon Conjoinedment soon starting either later on or tomorrow.

Dylan and Miyyah stuck together. These two friends are now Conjoined together sharing the same body controlling one arm and one leg each, Dylan controls the left half of the body while miyyah controls the right half of the body, that Miyyah said she always needs her privacy but now since they got Conjoined together, her privacy is now apart of Dylan's. Now these two are gonna be closer together 24\7. These two have to work together as a team and have to do everything together everyday. Also not only that there male and female Conjoined, but they are very close and squashed together, Dylan's left check is very close and squashed together to Miyyah's​ right cheek. As Miyyah looks all happy and joyful, Dylan looks all shock and uncomfortable about sharing the same body and being Conjoined with a girl he's Friend's with.

Dylan is a 17 year old boy, who liked school, had lots of friends worth talking to. His 6 foot 180 pound frame made him constantly under questioning whether he played sports for his high school (Eastside High). Although he did not enjoy sports, he did love to work out and took much pride in his muscular build. Like most high schoolers his age, he did have a really cool friend he always talked, Miyyah who is also 17, the girl who he was conifident he wanted to be best friends with forever.
Miyyah however, could be found on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. she enjoyed learning, though she wasn't very good at it, she had a great relationship with her entire family, and had a mass of many friends. She only stood at about 5 foot 4 inches and weighed close to 105 lbs.
Gabby (Miyyah's best friend):"I don't know Miyyah, he seems awfully...goofy."
Miyyah:"I think he's pretty cute."
Gabby:" How abut we bring him to the beach with us and you can see how peculiar he really is."
When Dylan received a text from an astranged number that read " This is Gabby jones, Miyyah wants to know if you can come to beach with us on
saturday." a smile exploded across his face that didn't leave until the next morning.
On that Saturday, Dylan seemed like the odd one out when he had to drive himself to beach when everyone else car pooled. He soon met the two girls other friends, joey and john, two people from the football team. Dylan was greeted very nicely,... by Miyyah, everyone else seemed to not even notice his presence. This trend when on for the rest of the night until it came time fro everyone to leave.
Gabby:"Alright Miyyah, lets get going."
Miyyah:"i kinda want to stay here for a little longer."
Dylan:" Don't worry Miyyah, I can stay and give you a ride home."
So the two stayed on the beach for the rest of the night even though they were clearly instructed NOT TO STAY ON THE BEACH AT NIGHT, which could be read on the signs, but they were young and wild, especially Miyyah cause she was the most wild one. As the night got later, a few watch men would wander around the beach making sure no one was left and that they would get in trouble if your caught there at night. The two hides under their towels all night to avoid the guards. Soon, they both fell asleep right next to each other and were passed out.
As Dylan awoke, he felt very strange to say the least. Before he even opened his eyes, he heard a soft and smooth voice he could instantly tell was Miyyah's.
Miyyah: Psssst, Dylan, wake your ass up haha."
Dylan:" Can't I sleep for another ten minutes?"
Miyyah:"But I've been waiting for 20 minutes already."
Dylan:"Then go play in the water and I'll sleep here for another 10 minutes."
At that moment, he tried to attempted to roll over onto his side but he noticed it was significantly harder than usual. He slowly looked around as he questioned what was going on.
Dylan:"What, why can't I, .....AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"
That was the moment he glanced down at himself.
Miyyah:"Not exactly, we're more like conjoined.....Like conjoined together. I guess this is why no one can not sleep on the beach at night."
It was at this moment Dylan decided that they were just stuck together or something and tried desperately to pull away from his counterpart.
Miyyah:"Ow, Ow, OWWW! Stop that!"
Dylan would have responded but he was too occupied by the fact he no longer had his own body but was stuck and conjoined onto Miyyah's body. As the two tried to cooperate to stand up, it was very frustrating because not only was Dylan not used to having smaller feet and having the other aspects of a female body, each of the two only controled one leg and one arm each. When the two were up and balanced, Miyyah looked down at their body for the first time and noticed that her breasts had grown and the clothes began to fit for the first time since she bought it and seemed happy about their new body while Dylan was shocked and not liking the situation. Her hips had also grown, the new body stood at 5 foot 8 inches, exactly between the two. That it's also weird and frustrating because that Dylan is a boy and he's conjoined together to a girl name Miyyah that he's best friends with, that together there Conjoined together as one, sharing the same body.
star and marco Conjoined
Looks like star has fused Marco and herself closer together
Hey everyone just wanted to ask all of you if anybody has any ideas for cartoon Conjoinedments to make on here besides total drama cause I'll be making that one soon lol but ither then that, if anybody has any ideas for cartoon conjoined please comment and let me know.


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i really like making pics


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